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This document describes how to administer webmail for your rNetwork hosted domain.

In this document we will utilize 'example.com' to facilitate all explanations.

To make all hyperlinks relevant to your domain enter your rNetwork hosted domain below

Each domain is administered via an internet accesible web browser. As such you can access the interface to add or remove email accounts for your domain via any internet connected web browser.

The administrative interface is protected by username and password authentication. The administrative account for your domain is 'postmaster' and the password is determined by yourself.

If you have lost your 'postmaster' password enter your domain below and it will be emailed to administrative email address onfile for your domain.

If you are not able to retreive your postmaster password please email support@rnetwork.us.

STEP 1 ( Log into admin interface )

To login to your web mail administrative interface type the following in your browser location window ( replace example.com with your domain name )


You should see the following

Supply your domain name and postmaster password where requested, then click 'Login'.

You should now be successfully logged in and should see this

STEP 2 ( Add accounts )

To add a new account click the "New email account" in the 'Quick Links' section.

Enter your desired email and user information and click the "add" button.

Confirmation of account creation will be displayed at the top of the browser window in the page.

You can continue adding accounts upto the limit your subscription entails.

STEP 3 ( Use created accounts )

To read and send email goto : http://mail.example.com (replace example.com with your respective domain name).

To login and view or send email you will be required to supply a "Name" and "Password". The "Name" is the email address you created (e.g. user@example.com), and the password is what you specified while creating the account. Once logged in you can reference the intuitive help and documentation within your webmail email interface that explains additional features and howto customize the look and feel of the interface to your satisfaction.

!TIP: After first logging in you should click "Options" and ensure you fill in your account details (Full name, Reply to email address etc.) for maximum professionalism.

!TIP: You may have a 'main' email account that you use regularly. To keep track of messages sent to your 'professional@example.com address you can perform the following simple optional steps for priority accounts.

After logging into your administrative interface (see STEP 1 above.) Click "Email accounts" You should then see

Click the corresponding "Modify user" icon user for the account you wish to alter you should see

Note that routing is set to standard. You will want to change it to "Forward to" and fill in your 'main email account(s) also checking the "Save a Copy" checkbox like so:

To complete things you have to click the "Modify User" button.

When you have completed the entire process a copy of each email sent to the changed account will be forwarded to your 'main email address'. A copy will also reside on the mailserver so you are able to login to your mail server (http://mail.example.com [replace example.com with your respective domain name].) and reply as necessary.

If you have any further questions please contact support@rnetwork.us.


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