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Begin service with us by registering here>>

We are currently not a domain registrar (domain name solution provider). You will have to choose a 3rd party domain registrar to register your desired domain name. To own and control (register) your domain name of choice costs about ~12$USD (Aug2011) if it is available.

To have your site hosted on the rNetwork's servers, after purchasing your domain you will have to log into your registrars administrative interface for your domain and alter the associated DNS ( Domain Name Server / nameserver ) information. Your nameservers should be set as follows.

  • ns.rnetwork.us
  • ns1.rnetwork.us
  • ns2.rnetwork.us
Please let us know when you have completed this process. If you need help with this, contact us.

For web-mail/email setup information click here.

If you have other support related questions please contact us.


If you see this page instead of your regular domain a payment is in default. Unless other arangements have been made please make a PayPal payment on your service or login with your registered email address and password above to review and resolve your balance. You can also click here to contact us if we are in err.

Please note restoration of service may take 24 hours or upto five(5) business days as updates propagate through our infrastructure..

To explore other services offered by the rNetwork please visit our home page http://rNetwork.us

NOTE: Use of rNetwork.us and rNetwork.us resources are legally subject to our terms of service. more >>